Kind Words

What can I say about Kasey's workshops? They are beyond fantastic. Kasey expertly assesses where teachers are in terms of Reading and Writing Workshop and crafts training that meets all of our needs. She then takes the time to come into the classroom and model the parts of the lesson you want help to improve. Often times, I can be so hard on myself about what I'm not doing well, but Kasey reminds me explicitly of what I already do well. Not only that but then she caters her development time to what I need most professionally. She takes me through the learning step-by-step. At the end of her time, I always feel encouraged and empowered for my next steps of growth as a teacher. I cannot say enough good things about Kasey and how she has impacted my teaching. I hope you are able to work with Kasey! You too, will be greatly blessed!

Angela - Grade 2

Kasey Perry is an excellent Reading Workshop trainer. She is able to zero in on the reasons why we follow this method of teaching reading and provide effective solutions to situations that arise in classroom teaching and conferencing with individual student. She has used the classroom as a teacher lab with my own students to create, implement, and evaluate the effectiveness of my teaching reading.

Ken - Grade 5

Kasey is a great listener and tries to find out where you specifically need to focus on learning more about workshop. She then takes time in her conference plan to address those specific needs. I always walk away with things that I can use tomorrow in my own workshop!

Gail - Kindergarten

Working with Kasey Perry is a refreshing dose of encouragement steeped in crucial wonderings. Kasey does not dole out prescriptive actions, but rather comes along side teachers like a modern-day Socrates. She asks questions and offers research that allows teachers to discover and develop ways to teach and connect with the readers and writers in our classrooms, while using the structure of workshop. I have thoroughly enjoyed lab sites and professional development sessions with Kasey. Each time I am fortunate to share time with her, I walk away with a new facet of literacy to explore with my students. Her wealth of knowledge and experience has helped me hone my practices, thereby benefitting the readers and writers in my class immensely.

Theresa - Grade 4

As a new teacher to reading and writing workshop, it was a tremendous encouragement to have Kasey on site to provide professional training. She visited us at the beginning of the year to model the basic building blocks of workshop. She then returned in the middle of the year to provide more training and come along side us in tricky areas. Although I had attempted to run book clubs with my students, I felt that the clubs were not working and that I needed some advice. She came into my class, observed what I was doing and coached me. Her practical advice and wealth of experience led to many "a-ha" moments and lots of laughs as we shared stories and came up with fresh ideas for how to help my students be the best readers and writers they can be.

Michelle - Grade 3

I have had the pleasure of working with Kasey for a few years. She visits our school and gives training in Reader's and Writer's Workshop. She is very dedicated and passionate about her work. I love the way Kasey can ask those pertinent questions to the student about his or her work, or to the teacher about best teaching strategies. She has suggested many ideas for working with individual students. I have learned a tremendous amount from working with her.

Hazel - EAL Teacher

When Kasey consults at Concordia International School Hanoi, she joins our middle school teachers as a highly respected colleague, recognizing and supporting the positive aspects of our program and guiding us, as a team. She connects and builds on our ideas, adding skills, strategies, resources, and modeling of new ideas. For example, her team teaching a historical fiction interactive read aloud with a picture book, enabled us to determine that half the class was only understanding the basic storyline upon first reading. This led to strategy groups that read and reread picture books to discover how to read beyond the story and into the setting and message of the story. With our grade 7/8 class, she helped us to analyze our argument flash draft essays to determine the best way to improve student argument writing across the curriculum. She is a great listener and somehow pulls good ideas out of us! The lesson that followed on returning to the research to obtain quantitative details was certainly helpful. In this class, she had us tag team the lesson, while she 'coached in' with ideas throughout the lesson. The debrief time led to our common vision of how our science, EAL, LA and SS classes can support students as they establish expertise in their writing.

Sue - Grade 7 and 8 LA Teacher

Kasey was the first friendly face that I meet at Hong Kong International School. She was the first person that I sought out when I need to brainstorm or just vent about my day. She was always the first person that came to my need, whether it was related to curriculum or my sanity in the classroom. What makes Kasey exceptional is not just the depth of her knowledge of curriculum and instruction, but her genuine compassion for others. Even though I no longer have the privilege of working next door to Kasey, she remains as my colleague and a dear friend. I am indebted to her for broadening my horizons as an educator as well as always reminding me the child in the center of everything we do. Kasey's genuine compassion for others heightens her calling as a consultant."