Professional Development Serivces

I provide professional development on a wide range of balanced literacy topics. Every PD session is tailored to the needs of administrators and teachers.

My areas of expertise include:

  • Literacy Workshop rationale, structure, and procedures
  • Launching and sustaining literacy workshop
  • Developing and delivering effective mini-lessons  including planning and teaching points that meet students’ next steps
  • Conferring – differentiating to meet all students’ next-steps and learning styles
  • ‪Small group work - both guided and strategy groups
  • Presenting teaching shares that ensure transfer of learning
  • ‪Writing in a range of text-types (i.e., argument, informational, narrative, and poetry)
  • ‪Interactive read aloud with intentional teaching points
  • ‪Mentor texts – finding and using children's literature to teach craft
  • ‪Supporting teachers as readers and writers

Professional Development Options:

  • Administrators’ sessions include:
    • Developing a vision
    • Leading and supporting Literacy Workshop change
    • Establishing next-step goals and timelines
    • Walk-through know-how
    • Assessment (reading and writing. Student work and program assessment)
  • Curriculum work:
    • UbD unit planning
    • Workshop lesson formats
    • Assessment to inform planning
    • Unpacking the standards
  • Teacher sessions include:
    • Half-day sessions on workshop philosophy, paradigm shifts, ‘moves.’ Sessions include participants sharing, role playing, Q and A, and next-step plans
    • Half-day sessions on unit planning. Hands-on team or division work.
    • Half-day Lab Site planning
    • Two hour Lab Sites – Brief – 15 minutes/ Lab Site 45-60 minutes/Debrief 45 minutes
    • Classroom walk-throughs with debrief – 45 minutes
    • Half-day sessions on conferring with students
    • Half-day sessions on assessment, norming, and unit planning
  • Full Week in-house package for teacher training and administration briefings
    • May include Parent Nights or Parent Hands-on Training
    • Student Support Teachers and ELL/EAL specialist training
Skype Training
  • Individual teacher training
  • Q and A service
  • Follow up with classroom teachers and students

NEW SERVICE – Interim Lit Coach for extended period. For school that do not have a literacy coach but want on-going teacher support, this service can be arranged.