Kasey Perry

A check of my resume will support that I have many years of diversified teaching and leadership experiences.  What my resume may not convey is my commitment to helping schools provide rigorous curriculum, effective teaching procedures, and classroom management to promote equitable education for all children.  I am a life-long learner who LOVES teaching and sharing with others.

Yes, I have strong feelings about many aspects of education, but I am particularly dedicated to creating safe learning communities where students are able to take academic risks. Today’s education foci include creativity, resilience and collaboration. However, the best educational practice falls flat if students are not confident that their teachers and peers will validate, appreciate and support their efforts. My work with teachers and administrators reflects my past classroom communities. I have high expectations that people I work with will feel free to take learning risks, ask questions, push against ideas and become confident learners. I expect to work myself out of the jobs I accept.

It has been my quest over many past years to combine research-based learning strategies with my classroom management procedures to support student learning. My practice is based on theory, processes and procedures from William Glasser, Spencer Kagan, Howard Gardner coupled with James Britton, Lucy Calkins, Carol Dweck, and John Hattie to name a few.  I read constantly and attend workshops and courses to gather, synthesize, and apply new learning.